Green is the new Black - nominated as the color of year

Nominated as the colors of 2020 by Etsy and Behr, the two shades of green - vivid chartreuse and soft sage green (to be more specific) are still trending among reputable interior designers and color experts in 2021. Evidently, there has been a constant rise in demand among all consumers to introduce green to his or her living space. So, what makes green so appealing today and why are people gravitating to it more in the recent years?


In the world of color science, green plays well with everyone, tells Sue Wadden, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams. "All people relate to it," she says. "All cultures have strong associations with green." And after years of all white and shades of gray, we are collectively craving color. "We've been neutral for so long—and loved it," says Wadden. "It was a palate cleanser." But as we tire of grays and seek something more soothing while still fresh and modern, green has become a go-to.

As the color that best represents and symbolizes nature, green can bring life & freshness to any interior, especially during times of lockdown. While dark green furnitures can also bring a sense of comfort and calmness, lighter shades of green can also bring vibrancy and life. Listed below are some products, available on 6ixthsensela, that can help improve your home environment with different shades of green.


1. Kassy storage ottomans (Set of 2)

Add a burst of functional style to your space with the Kassy storage ottoman set. It's playful color options, plush velvet upholstery and varied heights allow it to complement any decor.

[Large size storage dimensions: 13.6"W x 13.6"D x 15.8"H]
[Small size storage dimensions: 11"W x 11"D x 12.4"H]


2. Ritani Lacquier SideBoard

Storage space never looked so good! The Ritani buffet features abundant storage space, adjustable shelves and press-to-open doors, all beautifully packaged with a lacquer finish, elegant spiral design and acrylic legs.

[Dimensions: 65"W x 19"D x 31.8"H]


3. Yeri Sofa
A perfect fusion of fashion and comfort, the Yeri sofa is upholstered in plush velvet and features a pleated textured finish and rolled arms. Available in multiple color options, this sofa was designed so you can relax in style.

[Dimensions: 65"W x 19"D x 31.8"H]