Happy Earth Day - Design through Sustainability

Sustainability has become a significant topic of discussion among many industries, including furniture and product design. As technology have improved rapidly and become more accessible over the recent years, there has been a rising adoption for sustainable manufacturing and materials in furniture production. 


Sustainable furniture takes into consideration the entire lifecycle of the product, where it is made and where its parts and pieces come from. Is the piece of furniture recyclable or biodegradable? These are two other issues considered.

As a celebration for earth day (April 23rd), we wanted to highlight three of our favorite sustainable brands that we carry at 6IXTHSENSELA!


  1. Xenia Taler

Home & lifestyle goods designed out of Toronto, Xenia Taler supports sustainability with all their products, which are made out of discarded bamboo. 


“Excess scraps are gathered from bamboo chopstick manufacturers and ground into powder,” explains Xenia Taler.“The bamboo powder is mixed with corn starch and a food grade melamine binder, then molded into tableware. All our tableware is free of PVC, BPA and all phthalates.”

See below for links to Xenia Talor products that we carry:

- Car Wash Plate 8"
- Plaid Side Plate 8"
- Studio Side Plate 8"



2. Octaevo

Inspired by ancient mediterranean culture and symbolism, Octaevo also takes in significant consideration for their material choices. The Barcelona-based design studio is known for producing handcrafted flower vases out of water-resistant paper, “as a tribute to the ancient and sophisticated art of ceramics.”

See below for links to Octaevo products that we carry:

- Apollo Paper Vase 
 Janus Cocktail Coaster



3. Creative Co-op

Ranging in products from lifestyle goods to home accessories, Creative co-op produces products that are made out of sustainable woods such as bamboo and acacia. 


See below for links to Creative Co-op products that we carry:

- Beech Wood Dish Brush 9"
- Bamboo brush 5"