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Bolo Hanging Planter
Sale price$32 Regular price$40
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Ash Pot
Sale price$16 - $45
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Pixie Pot
Sale price$38 - $72
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Ruth Pot
Sale price$10 - $15
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Stan Round Terracotta Pot
Stan Round Terracotta Pot
Sale price$31 Regular price$62
Nola PotNola Pot
Nola Pot
Sale price$19
Marta Pot
Sale price$52 - $122
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Metal Tapered Planters with Stands, Set of 2
Terrazzo Pot
Sale price$11 - $44
Mister Watering CanMister Watering Can
Mister Watering Can
Sale price$37
Paradox Pot
Sale price$8 - $13
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Coco PotCoco Pot
Coco Pot
Sale price$26
Qdoba Pot
Sale price$10 - $11
Iittala Nappula Plant Pot / 230 MM
Sale price$88
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Expression Pot
Sale price$23 - $87
Westview Pot
Sale price$12 - $28
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Henri Watering CanHenri Watering Can
Henri Watering Can
Sale price$61
White Fluted Flower Pot
White Fluted Flower Pot
Sale price$24
Daphne CompoteDaphne Compote
Daphne Compote
Sale price$12
Mateo PotMateo Pot
Mateo Pot
Sale price$16
Colorway Pot
Sale price$12
Mini Celfie PotMini Celfie Pot
Mini Celfie Pot
Sale price$7
Maya Basket (Set of 2)Maya Basket (Set of 2)
Maya Basket (Set of 2)
Sale price$390
Benni Basket
Sale price$36 - $52
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Bam BasketBam Basket
Bam Basket
Sale price$170
Round Standing Pot
Round Standing Pot
Sale price$228
#color_beige#color_dark green
Iittala Nappula Plant Pot / 260 MM
Sale price$105
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Alfalfa Basket (Set of 2)Alfalfa Basket (Set of 2)
Alfalfa Basket (Set of 2)
Sale price$390
Noah Natural Basket, set of 3Noah Natural Basket, set of 3
Emeril Natural Basket, set of 3Emeril Natural Basket, set of 3
Dangeun VaseDangeun Vase
Dangeun Vase
Sale price$90
Cote Planter, 7"Cote Planter, 7"
Cote Planter, 7"
Sale price$110
Cote Planter, 5"Cote Planter, 5"
Cote Planter, 5"
Sale price$60
Brown & Black Terra-cotta Planter
Holand Hexagon Planter (set of 2)Holand Hexagon Planter (set of 2)

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