What should you bring to your friends housewarming party?

As more of your friends are finding new apartments and houses, you have probably found yourself stuck or clueless about what to get them for their house warming gift.

Of course, a nice bottle of wine, flowers, basic house appliances and etc are always the safe options but there are a few other options that you might want to consider to help make your gift stand out among others (especially if it's for a close friend!)

At 6ixthsensela, we have gathered top three products that our customers have purchased as house-warming gifts for their friends and have been satisfied with their purchases.

Here is the list!


The first option is a diffuser made by Culti from Milan.

Encased in a matte finished glass bottle with ivory colored labels and cap in natural maple wood, the diffusers come in multiple scents that evoke purity and elegance through its rattan sticks. Not only, are these diffusers visually pleasing to look at in any new house environment, the scents are delicate and also guaranteed to last a long period of time.

The second option is the Balloon Dog, a replica of Jeff Koons original works.

We’ve seen this item in many of our other lists and we can guarantee that this gift is very fitting for almost all scenarios when it comes to gifting. With it’s bright reflective finish, the metal coated balloon dogs can help brighten up almost all living spaces as accent pieces. Not only will you help introduce a piece of art (replica of the famous Jeff Koons balloon dog series) but also elevate a living space into a more creative space.

With the last option, we have a classic set of wine glasses from Scandinavia - Iittala Kastehelmi univ. glass set.

Unlike other basic wine glasses, these are not only unique but also rich in history and style. At first glance, you might wonder why the design of the glasses are so bubbly and have textures that are not streamline but in fact, these details showcase a tremendous amount of craftsmanship and glassblowing skills. Handcrafted in the southern province of Finland, a small village named Iittala, the manufacturers have been producing these glasses for generations since the 1800’s. These specific glasses were designed by the great Finnish glass designer named Oiva Toikka. The series, which embraces the bubbly texture over the glasses, consists of many other dining items such as plates, water glasses and containers for you to match with along with the wine glasses.

One thing is for sure, these glasses will bring a unique style and taste to your friend’s glassware set to impress guests.