Questions Answers
How do I join?

You can join online trough our website.
What information do I need to provide to join reward program? Simply put your first and last name, email, password to create the account.
Is my personal information protected? Yes. Our reward program takes the confidentiality and security of personal information you share with us seriously.

Can I combine benefits, rewards and promotions to get more rewards? There are some restrictions about how you can use your benefits and rewards. For example, you cannot use a duplicate offers. The redeem only can be made without any other offers combined.
How can I check my rewards balances? Sign in to your account at
How can I start earning points? Start shopping and just tell us that you're a 6ixth Sense each time you make a purchase online only.
What do you mean by qualifying items? Certain products and services do not qualify as spend that would entitle you to points. For example, you cannot earn points on purchases of shipping, taxes, tips, online gift cards, or certain brands. Other exclusions may apply from time to time during special promotions.
What is the difference between base points and bonus points? Base points: As a member, you will earn 10 base point per $1 net spend on qualifying items.
Bonus points: From time to time, we offer promotional opportunities to earn more than 10 point per $1 net spend on qualifying items. These are bonus points. For example, in the past we have offered bonus points events where, for a limited time, members could earn 20 points per $1 net spend on qualifying items. These promotional opportunities are not predetermined and are developed at the sole discretion of 6ixth Sense.

Additionally, depending on your tier status, you may also be eligible for additional benefits such as Personal Double Points Days. Keep in mind that Personal Double Points Days cannot be combined with other bonus point promotions.
How do you calculate my points? We calculate your points based on the net spend on qualifying items rounded to the nearest dollar. The net spend is the amount spent on qualifying items after returns, discounts and taxes have been deducted.

Additionally, any amount of the net spend that is paid for with gift cards will be deducted before the reward is calculated.
Can my points be exchanged or cashed out for actual currency? Points earned will generally be added to your account after your purchase. You can view your points balance by logging into your account.
Why didn't I earn points on my purchase? There are two reasons why you may not have been awarded points for your purchase. First, in order to award you points, we need to know that you are a 6ixth senser account member when you make a purchase. You must use your account for the purchase at Checkout.

Second, special promotional offers will have defined eligibility and qualification requirements, which must be met to earn points under those promotional offers.
Do my points expire? Yes. All points will expire after twelve (12) consecutive months. A few examples of actions that will trigger activity on your account are purchases where you earn points.
What happens to my points if I return merchandise? If you make a return, points received for those items will be deducted from your points balance at the time of the return. This may put your account balance in the negative if you have recently converted your points to 6ixth Sense Reward Program.
How do I know if I unlock a new reward program status? Once you unlock a new status, we will notify you via email. If you have opted out of marketing emails, you may not receive notification.
What do I get if my status is Member? Earn 10 base point for every $1 net spend on qualifying items on
Earn points upon reaching certain point accumulation thresholds
Opportunities to earn bonus points through special promotions
Free delivery
Special discount promotions.