6IXTH SENSE LA was born in Los Angeles in April, 2016. The 6IXTH SENSE LA name combines the meaning of; (a) a furniture store located on the 6th street, which has a good sense of design and value, and (b) sixth sense, as in the movie of the name, which is extrasensory perception of ability to provide customized interior design. Our initiative is to provide a wide range of home furnishing styles within customer’s budget. We can offer options to select imported products based on customers’ needs as well as custom-design to express their personal style. We’re committed to completing the interior design with details by handling all kinds of home decor. Come visit our showroom that presents inspirational space ideas — recreated every month with a variety of new home furnishings and accessories. Your space is precious. Leave it up to 6IXTH SENSE. You will see the creativity unfolds. HAVE YOUR OWN LIFESTYLE. 6IXTHSENSE HELPS YOU TO FIND YOUR OWN LIFESTYLE.