Founded in April 2016, 6IXTH SENSE LA established itself in the heart of Los Angeles, California. The brand name combines the ideas of (a) sixth sense - an extrasensory perception, and (b) a lifestyle store, located along the 6th street. Offering high-quality designs to our customers, we take pride in our identity and exceptional intuition.

Over the years, we have proudly provided trendy furnitures and home decors in the Los Angeles area. Our business offers products from vendors around the world including France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, and Japan. In the upcoming years, we look to expand our business worldwide. Our vision to be the world’s leading lifestyle store.

We provide quality products for a wide range of customers and price ranges. Based on a customer’s personal aesthetic and budget, we can cater to satisfy his or her decorative needs.

Make a lifestyle for yourself - We all live & have different styles. Each lifestyle is unique and represents each one of us. Lifestyle is the other way to express yourself. We believe that better lifestyle will bring better life.

Our mission is to help make your place precious by providing you with unique furnitures and home decors. We value your space and how it impacts your lifestyle. Leave it up to 6IXTH  SENSE, you will see creativity unfold before your eyes. 6IXTH SENSE helps you design your lifestyle.