OCTAVEO - Mediterranean inspired contemporary studio

Based in Barcelona, Octaevo takes influences from the wonders of the mediterranean 'in search of enchanting stories to inspire thoughtful design objects for contemporary living'.

Ranging in various every day home decors such as paper vases, trays, candles and ceramic baskets, each of Octaevo’s designs showcase the brand's identity behind vivid colors and playful forms.

The “RIVIERA” flower vase collection made out of water-resistant paper, for example, are all unique - different in color combinations and geometric forms - acting as an accent piece to your living space. Through multiple collaborations with international artists, such as Jaime Hayon, Andres Reisinger, Miro and many more, each project maintains its mediterranean character through the gold accents and reference to greek mythology.

Octaevos interests are not only limited by its colors and forms, but also the material selections behind their products. Completely different from the paper vases, their Catchall Templo collection are handcrafted and made out of resin poured into clay moulds. With precision to detail and craft, the products are durable and true to its function.

“Each piece is made to be held close, designed to inspire and to brighten up your day to day,” explains Marcel Baer, the founder and creative director of Octaevo. “Our stories unfold in their own time. Make them your own.”

The fascination for the ancient philosophies, myths and styles of the Mediterranean arises from vintage films shot by Baer’s mother back in the early 1960s. Through this, the brand/studio was able to find its identity/logo - the faces of ancient gods, Janus & Apollo.

Needless to say, Octaevo is a great addition to any living space for those who enjoy colorful accents, quality decors and reminisce traveling in Europe and the Mediterranean.

Find all of our Octaevo products, available here.