Refresh Your Dog's Lifestyle

If you are a responsible dog owner, the chances are, you have tried multiple ways to show your love and appreciation back to your fluffy companion.

Whether it be giving a delicious treat, a long walk or a brand new toy, deep inside, you know that your dog will be always be content and continue to show relentless love regardless. Which makes you wonder - “How can I show more love?”

Especially during these unprecedented quarantine times spent at home with your dog, perhaps a new lifestyle or living space for your dog could be a nice change.

At 6IXTHSENSE, we carry a wide range of pet-friendly toys and furnitures that might be worth considering as your next gift. Listed below are three of our top-selling recommendations:



Available in two colors (misty grey or red carrot), the simple DIY dog house designed by HOWLPOT is perfect for your dog to lounge and sleep in. Its simple yet functional design is also well-recognized and have been awarded the Red Dot Best Design Award back in 2016. Produced in Korea, the dog bed is made out of premium fabric and steel frame (which can be collapsed for flat storage).



If elegance and luxury is your style, your dog will need to follow suit! Finished in velvet (available in blush, green or blue), the handmade furniture boasts a very elaborate art-deco themed design - a perfect way to showcase some personality.


3. Dog toy - ramen

Dogs love toys… and food, and this product has it both. shaped after an instant ramen bowl, the toy even includes all the detailed toppings that a regular ramen comes with. Made out of fabric, the toy is perfect for hiding snacks between the tangled noodles - a delicious toy.