What should you get your Valentine this year?

Now that it is already the beginning of February, Valentines Day is only a couple days away and gives you another reason to gift your loved one or a close friend. To make things simple for you, we have curated below - three gifts that may be appropriate for your partner or a beloved friend.


Balloon Dog 

Available in various colors (Pink, Gold, Blue, Black and Silver), the Jeff Koons replica balloon dogs are a perfect gift for your significant other. Not only are they glossy and shiny, the home decor also functions as a coin bank. If you think your partner is in need for a new home decor accent piece that could brighten up his/her living space, you might want to consider gifting these!

Find our balloon dog collection here.



Culti Stile Diffuser

Produced in Italy, the Culti product line boasts a wide range of elegant scents in the form of a diffuser, candle, car sachet and sprays. Contained in a matte finish glass, the Culti diffuser is our next recommendation to gift for this year's valentines. The diffuser comes in four different sizes (250ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 4300ml) and in seven scents (Aramara, The, Tessuto, Supreme Amber, Mediterranea, Mountain and Mareminerale). This product would be perfect for someone who enjoys scents and aroma - Feel free to come by the store to smell the scents yourself!

Find our Culti Stile Diffuser collection here.



Versailles Glassware Set

Made in New York by Jonathan Adler, the Versailles glassware set comes in a set of 4 clear glasses with individually unique art-deco inspired designs. These accent glasses would be a perfect valentines gift for a friend who enjoys drinking in style.

 Find our Versailles Glassware Set collection here.