What is your ideal sofa?

When looking for different types of sofas for your home, you will most likely run into a few specific styles that are most commonly found in the market. Depending on your aesthetics, it is important to understand what type of sofa is ideal for you and more importantly, what kind of material you are looking for. Here at 6IXTHSENSELA, we have gathered 3 of the most commonly found sofa styles (sectional, contemporary modern and chesterfield) in the market along with some details about your material options for your convinience.

*Cody Sectional Sofa found at 6IXTHSENSELA*


Sectional sofas are multi-piece sofa that can sit around 3-5 and more people, and are usually modular - meaning it can be built into different configurations, most of the time - L-Shaped or U-Shaped. (The More pieces, the more configurations.) Usually with one long piece on the edge, this can help create division in a space or act as a day bed.


Top material recommendations:

          1. Cotton, a natural fiber, has been a promising staple for sofa production for a very long time for being the most cost-efficient and versatile. The material can be woven in different colors and patterns. It is also most resistant to fading from direct sunlight - which definitely helps with durability and longevity of the furniture. On the downside, the fabric is susceptible to stains and will require professional treatment.
          2. Slightly loosely woven than cotton, Linen is also a great material option that can provide various finishes and texture to the upholstery (from smooth and lustrous to chunky and canvas-like). Much like cotton though, linen can be easily stained. For both Cotton and Linen, it is recommended that if you have kids or pets in the household, you might want to be a little bit more cautious.


At 6ixthsense, one of our favorite sectionals that we carry is the Cody Sectional Sofa. Constructed out of cotton fabric, this modular furniture is not only comfortable but can vary in layout. Depending on your needs, the sofa can be arranged with multiple pieces, starting with just two. Find more details about Cody Sectional here.


Contemporary Modern / Mid-Century modern

Mid-century modern sofa designs replicate the aesthetics of the trends birthed between the 1930s and 1970s. Derived from the core design principles of Bauhaus - a strong emphasis for functionality over aesthetics - Mid Century furnitures are considered ageless and still in trend in today’s market. As late 1900’s came around and more materials/technology became available, Contemporary Modern designs started to take over and create a bigger sphere of designs that are affordable to the everyday customer. You will find more cooler tones, use of synthetic leather, metallic structures and etc. Both styles, similar in many ways in their minimalistic and sleek aesthetics, are also some what different in many ways - more emphasis on symmetry and a sense of balanced comfort. It is fair to say that they are both of the family group and can get mixed up but they will both provide great durability and comfort.

Top material recommendations:

    1. Along with Cotton and Linen, Leather (real or synthetic) could be a great option to help give some pop and clean contemporary character to the furniture. In the recent years, more and more customers have been choosing the eco-leather or synthetic leather options as they are more resistant to water marks and damages from stains.

At 6ixthsense, our most requested contemporary modern sofa is the Haland Sofa. Available in three different colors - White, Grey and Beige, the sleek modern sofa is composed of metallic frame/legs with synthetic leather upholstery and can blend into any interior. Find more details here.


Chesterfield Sofa

Originated from Great Britain, the Chesterfield sofa takes after design influences from the 18th century trends, which consists of features scubas nailhead trim, rolled English arms and bright/richly hued upholstery. Because of its decorative features, the design of the sofas act as the accent piece of the living space. The choice of material - velvet or bright leather also helps play this role.

Top material recommendations:

    1. If luxurious and silky aesthetic is something you are looking for, we would highly recommend velvet upholstery for Chesterfield sofas would be ideal. Velvet is perfect to add a rich accent of color in the living space and are very comfortable and soft to sit on. However, the quality of velvet can vary drastically depending on how tightly they are woven as it will translate to how long they can maintain its shape and quality. An additional fun fact for cat-owners is that cats won’t want to destroy your sofa!
At 6ixthsense, one of our favorite Chesterfield sofa is the Salmon Sofa. With Hairpin gold legs, diamond tufting and salmon velvet upholstery, this sofa is a true Chesterfield sofa and will bring in color and life to your living space. Find more about the Salmon Sofa on our website here.