2021 Summer Essential Items! 6ixthsense picks

As peak summer season approaches, you might be finding yourself in situations to quench your thirst more often than usual, especially if you are also living in LA. To help all of our customers drink in style, we have gathered our top 3 most recommended cups for this upcoming summer season, whether it be used for enjoying a glass of cold water, juice or your favorite cocktail.

1. Iittala Universal Glass (Light Blue)

The first on the list for us is the iconic Iittala Universal Glass in the Light Blue colorway. You might have seen these designer glasses in many of our prior lists of essentials but it comes as no suprise to be our top favorite for a summer essential as well. Especially in the light blue color, the Universal Glass has a very cool and breezy aesthetic that plays along to enhance your drinking experience. (Just looking at them on the shelf might help cool you down). The best part about these are that it is fitting for any type of drinks from water to even icecream if you would like!

These cups are top quality glass that have been produced for almost a decade from Finland, designed by the famous Finnish glass designer Oiva Toikka. If blue is not the color for you, no worries - clear and linen colors will do just fine as well!


2. La Rochere Versailles Wine Glass (Clear)

Very similar in shape to our first pick, the La Rochere Versaille Wine Glasses comes next in our list of top summer essentials. While also standing on a base, the French wine glass is abit thicker and has a more French traditional elements, an homage to the details of the Palace of Versailles. As a part of a bigger collection, you can also find similar cup designs for different usages (CLICK ON THIS LINK).


Although only available in clear, these glasses are perfect for your evening/twilight wine to cool you down after a long day. Also, a small fun fact about the brand - La Rochere - it is actually the oldest glass manufacturer from Europe. So, you can rest assured the quality and durability of the glasses are great!



3. Sir Madam Rialto Glass Tulip (Yellow)

Coming in third is the Sir Madam Rialto Glass series, especially in yellow. Much like first two choices, this glassware is the combination of both styles, colorful and classical. Available in multiple different color and transparency finishes, these glass sets are not only great to drink out of but also asthetically nice to look at, a jack of all trades. 


Made by a design studio based in New York and London, Sir Madam is famous for their decorative and eye-catching designs with the use of their accent colors. For this upcoming summer season, we would like to suggest that yellow might be a great color choice as it is currently in-trend and can go well with any drinks - cocktail, juice, water and even yogurt and smoothies.