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Smudging is a traditional ritual of burning sacred plants, known as smudge sticks, created by Native Americans of the American continent for purification of the body, mind, or space, as well as for healing purposes. In these times when the need for balance and harmonious living for both body and mind is more pressing than ever, experience the healing ceremony of everyday life through smudging and discover a deeper love for yourself and your true essence.

The Ritual Kit is delicately curated, drawing inspiration from crystal healing and traditional smudging practices, combining the power of healing crystals and smudge sticks. Through the ritual, take the time to focus on what is important to you right now. It can serve as a positive tool to manifest desired goals and promote mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Not only does it cleanse and purify your space, but it also adds a touch of beauty as a stunning interior accessory.

Healing Crystal
Our bodies and healing crystals or gemstones all possess specific energy vibrations and frequencies. When these gemstones come into direct contact with our bodies, our bodies naturally absorb the vibrations emitted by the gemstones, creating a harmonious connection and facilitating energy flow throughout our entire being.

Product Composition:  Clear Quartz, Blue Calcite, Amethyst,
                                          Palo Santo, Yerba Santa


How to use crystal & smudge stick

  1.  When you first receive a crystal, it is recommended to cleanse it by using a smudge stick and gently enveloping the crystal in the smoke that emanates from it. This cleansing process helps to wash away any previous energies the crystal may have held. Additionally, exposing the crystal to sunlight or moonlight for approximately 30 minutes can be beneficial.
  2. Keep the crystal in your pocket and carry it with you, so that whenever you wish to refocus on your intended purpose, you can take it out and hold it in your hand. This allows you to reconnect with your intentions and realign your focus whenever you desire.
  3. One of the simplest ways to connect with the crystal is through meditation. Hold the crystal in one or both hands, close your eyes, and focus on your breath. You may experience a sense of grounding, as if your body is sinking deep into the earth. You might also feel a gentle presence enveloping you, or at times, you may not immediately sense any particular sensations.
  4. Placing the crystal on your yoga mat can help create a serene state. For a deeper meditative state, you can also lay the crystal on your body during the practice of Savasana.
  5. When using a smudge stick, it is essential to use a non-flammable container or a container filled with sand. Please keep flammable objects away from the vicinity to prevent the risk of fire.
  6. First, please open a window slightly for ventilation. Then, use a candle or lighter to ignite one end of the smudge stick.
  7. Once the flame begins to flicker, gently blow on it with your mouth or use your hand to extinguish the fire.
  8. After the flame is extinguished, carefully hold the smudge stick and walk around the space, gently waving it with your hand. This helps the smoke to spread evenly, allowing the aroma to disperse throughout the area.
  9. Take a moment to close your eyes and engage in a 5-minute meditation. This practice can assist in achieving inner calmness and stress relief.
  10. Even if no smoke is present after use, please double-check to ensure that the flame of the stick is completely extinguished.
  11. Although smudge sticks are made from pure plant materials, avoid directly inhaling the smoke produced when burning. Keep it away from your nose.
  12. Store the smudge stick in a cool, dry place away from children's reach.


* Due to the nature of natural products, there may be slight variations in color, shape, size, and weight.
* The natural stone may have its unique characteristics, such as natural mineral formations, cracks, fissures, or inclusions.
* Please exercise caution as some parts may be pointed or sharp to prevent any injuries.

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