Brionvega Radiofonografo

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Color: Orange
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Sound Design Made in Italy

Each radiofonografo is a unique piece of craftsmanship that respects a controlled production process of the highest precision and is completely Made in Italy.
The buttons, potentiometers and shells of the main body are manufactured using numerically controlled milling machines, while the pedestal is produced using a sand-casting and moulding process. Every part of the radiofonografo is hand-varnished with the utmost precision. Every aspect of the product is the work of the most highly-skilled craftsmen, who are supervised by our sound professionals: the sanding of the wooden panels, the assembly of the different components, the finish of the pedestal and the application of the silk-screen prints are all processes through which traditional Italian craftsmanship makes each radiofonografo unique.

  • rr226 fo-st
  • Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni
  • 1965
  • Handcraftmanship in Italy
  • Made to order takes 6-8 weeks 
  • Height (Open): 28.25" / Width (Open): 48" / Depth (Open): 14.5"
    Height (Closed): 36" / Width (Open): 24" / Depth (Open): 14.5"
    125+125W audio amplifier with auto-limitation 

  • For the local delivery and store pick up customers, we strongly recommend you to call us (213)924-6853 for a better assistance.

  • Please confirm your product prior to ordering Brionvega products. Brionvega orders cannot be cancelled or exchanged, returned once placed due to it's made to order by mancraftship in Italy. 

PrecisionEvery radiofonografo is a unique handwork, but at its origin there is a cutting edge manufacturing process, with buttons and chassis made by CNC milling machines, a stand melted in a single piece from a sand mold worked completely by hand and made up of 5 successive processes.

Craftsmanship: The capable hands of our artisans turn the precision machineries semifinished products into truly unique products. Wood panels sanding, components assembly, stand finishing and silk screen printing are all processes allowing the italian craftsmanship tradition to make each radiofonografo unique.

Finishing: The typical tobacco color, hand made stand polishing, CNC milled buttons, Loudspeakers holes hand painted in several layers. The finishing of the many elements composing the radiofonografo make for a timeless quality object.

QualityEvery single element composing radiofonografo undergo a careful quality check in order to ensure the highest quality for each product. From the stand to the speakers, from the main body to the smallest component. For this reason with each radiofonografo comes a certificate of quality, authenticity and fidelity to the original project.

A playful and complicit concept design that inspires a performance and a playful approach to the object, making it possible to establish an intimate relationship with this classic piece.
Much loved by David Bowie, who kept a special version of it in his home, the radiofonografo was born from Achille Castiglioni’s personal conviction that “Objects must keep you company”. Wherever it is located in the house the radiofonografo adds personality, grabbing the attention and establishing a reciprocal relationship between object and user. Assembled from the highest quality materials and components and the product of expert craftsmanship, the re-edition of the rr126 radiofonografo is Brionvega’s homage to the world’s most famous sound design.

With FM/AM radio, Bluetooth connection via external device, Pro-Ject turntable with Ortofon stylus and the possibility of adding external monitors, the Brionvega radiofonografo is made from wood and mounted on a metal base with castors. The loudspeakers are detachable and can be configured for even more engaging stereophonic listening with maximum fidelity.
The Brionvega radiofonografo is available in white, red and orange as well as a limited edition version in Canaletto walnut.
The characteristic smiling robot face, consisting of buttons and potentiometers, embodies what the radiofonografo represents for the public of today: a glimpse of the future, seen from the past.

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