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Smudging is a traditional ritual of burning sacred plants, known as smudge sticks, created by Native Americans of the American continent for purification of the body, mind, or space, as well as for healing purposes. In these times when the need for balance and harmonious living for both body and mind is more pressing than ever, experience the healing ceremony of everyday life through smudging and discover a deeper love for yourself and your true essence.

The Smudge Stick Set offers a curated selection of wood sticks and herb sticks, ranging from mild scents to slightly stronger aromas, allowing you to experience a wide range of fragrances and benefits. This package is thoughtfully curated to provide a balanced assortment. It is especially recommended as a thoughtful gift for those who are new to smudging.

Product Composition: Palo Santo, White Sage, Yerba Santa, Dragon's Blood
Size: 4 inches


  1. When using a smudge stick, always use a non-flammable container or a container filled with sand, and keep it away from easily combustible objects that could cause a fire.
  2. Prior to smudging, open a window slightly for ventilation. Then, ignite one end of the smudge stick using a candle or a lighter.
  3. Once the flame begins to flicker, gently blow on it or use your hand to extinguish the fire.
  4. Once the flame is extinguished, gently wave the smoldering stick while walking through the space, allowing the smoke to disperse evenly.
  5. Take a moment to close your eyes and meditate for approximately 5 minutes, promoting inner calmness and stress relief.
  6. Unlike scented incense, a smudge stick doesn't burn all at once. After igniting it for about 2-30 seconds, either blow it out with your breath or let it extinguish naturally. Then, you can enjoy the lingering aroma. If you want to experience the fragrance more, repeat the process.
  7. Even if there is no visible smoke after use, double-check to ensure that the smudge stick is completely extinguished.
  8. Although smudge sticks are made from pure plant materials, avoid directly inhaling the smoke produced when burning. Keep it away from your nose.
  9. Store the smudge stick in a cool, dry place away from children's reach.


* Due to the nature of natural products, there may be slight variations in color, shape, size, and weight.
* The natural stone may have its unique characteristics, such as natural mineral formations, cracks, fissures, or inclusions.
* Please exercise caution as some parts may be pointed or sharp to prevent any injuries.

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