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Smudging is a traditional ritual of burning sacred plants, known as smudge sticks, created by Native Americans of the American continent for purification of the body, mind, or space, as well as for healing purposes. In these times when the need for balance and harmonious living for both body and mind is more pressing than ever, experience the healing ceremony of everyday life through smudging and discover a deeper love for yourself and your true essence.

The Smudge Spray is a natural aroma room spray that not only purifies spaces and individuals, just like the act of smudging, but also provides the therapeutic effects of plant-derived aromatherapy. It is designed for those who prefer not to use smoke or find it difficult to burn smudge sticks in their environment.

Care - Shake the bottle well before use.

- (Base) Palo Santo, Cedar, Myrrh,
- (Middle) Lavender, Rosewood
- (Top) Sweet Marjoram

- (Base) Gurjun Balsam
- (Middle) Rosemary, Patchouli
- (Top) Bitter Orange

- (Base) Gurjun Balsam
- (Middle) Geranium, Petitgrain, Sage
- (Top) Pink pepper


*ONDO's Smudge Spray is crafted using plant-derived ingredients, minimizing the use of emulsifiers and avoiding solvents. As a result, you may notice sedimentation in the bottle, and upon standing, the oil and water may separate.

*Gently shake the bottle a few times to ensure proper blending of the two components. You'll hear a refreshing crystal sound as the ingredients quickly mix evenly.

*When spraying onto fabrics, please maintain a distance of approximately 7.8 inches.

*Avoid using on white or delicate fabrics such as leather or silk.

*Do not apply directly to the skin.

*Store in a cool, dry place, away from prolonged exposure to light and heat.

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