Maarten Baptist Tripod White Wine Glasses (set of 4)

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Louise Tripod Glasses Borosilicate Glass

What happens if you take a classic wineglass and replace its round base with a tripod? This glass is easier to grasp firmly, which makes swirling the wine easier too. The glass is hand made. This is made from technical glass and 100% dishwasher safe and made from one piece of glass. Louise tripod glasses are sold in a gift box where 4 glasses fit in.

Dutch designer Maarten Baptist combines ancestral technique with radical boldness. The “tripod” collection of three-footed glasses in borosilicate is seditious. In the hand, they force the fingers to work. At rest, they seem to dance. As troublemakers of the dinner table, tripod glasses play with the tradition of the placed goblet.

Set contains: 4 Tripod White wine glasses packed in a gift box

Measurement: 250 ml / 145 mm hight

Design by: Maarten Baptist

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