Maarten Baptist Tube Cutlery Butter Knife

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Tube Cutlery 

Could a production-led design steer a novel manner of eating? Maarten Baptist’s long-time cherished idea for making a cutlery set out of a round tube exemplifies this thought. The Tube Cutlery is slightly out of the ordinary as if suggests approaching dinner a little differently. A mini change in this trusted product challenges us in our habits.

The Tube Cutlery is the result of an experiment with an industrial laser cutter. Using a round tube as a base, the shapes are cut out of the tube at a slight angle, giving the series its unique curve and quirky character. By playing with the left and right angle on the tube, the pieces have a pleasant grip for both left and right handed people.

Butter Knife

Measurement: 160 mm height / Thickness 2 mm

Material: 304 stainless steel / Finish - glossy

Design by: Maarten Baptist

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