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Pop up the Volume

Radio.cubo designed by Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper for Brionvega celebrates the more than 50 years of history of a cult object of Italian design: it comes with bluetooth, Dab / Dab +, FM / RDS, radio alarm, remote control and more! Design, colors and high audio quality for a product that has revolutionized the way to listen to music by connecting radio.cubo to your smartphone, tablet or PC via bluetooth or via aux input.

  • 50° Anniversario
  • Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper
  • 1964
  • Dimensions: L21.99 x P12.99 x H12.99 cm (closed)
  • Stereo FM radio;Dab / Dab+ Digital Radio
  • Alarm clock radio
  • Bluetooth wireless connection
  • Lithium battery that guarantees 6 hours of autonomy
  • Auxiliary input on 3.5mm stereo jack connector
  •  10 programs that can be stored in FM
  •  10 programs that can be stored in DAB
  •  LCD display
  •  1 4 '' superbass speaker
  •  Remote controller; Power supply / charger.
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  • Please confirm your product prior to ordering Brionvega products. Brionvega orders cannot be cancelled or exchanged, returned once placed due to it's made to order by mancraftship in Italy. 


radio.cubo - the famous "cube" speaker - was designed by prominent designers Marco Zanuso and Richard Sapper. Not only is the speaker iconic in design but also equipped with a new lithium rechargeable battery that lasts up to six hours, Bluetooth system, alarm system, remote control, and AUX inputs. The contemporary, industrial design meets the incomparable sound quality.

Brionvega’s pop cube returns with up-to-date components and connections but remains faithful to the original in terms of its unmistakable profile and strictly Italian-made design.
USB input and built-in Bluetooth, stereo FM radio and digital radio, made from ZAMAK metal alloy and equipped with a lithium battery that guarantees up to 6 hours of continuous listening.
radiocubo 50° is available in orange, white, yellow, black and red.

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