Brionvega Totem

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Sound sculpting

A simple white cuboid that opens up and is reconfigured in a sophisticated Hi-Fi listening machine with two speakers that open to reveal the stereo module, radio and turntable.

Created in 1971 by Mario Bellini, totem is a celebration of the primary and elementary forms that regulate our physical world. Totem is an ode to geometric regularity that comes at the end of a long meditation on form and function.

  • rr231
  • Mario Bellini
  • 1971
  • Handcraftmanship in Italy
  • Made to order takes 6-8 weeks 
  • Dimensions: Height: 20.5" / Width: 20" / Depth: 20"

  • Specifications: Inputs: 2 RCA / Outputs: 1 RCA (full), 1 RCA (subwoofer), 1 USB 

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  • Please confirm your product prior to ordering Brionvega products. Brionvega orders cannot be cancelled or exchanged, returned once placed due to it's made to order by mancraftship in Italy. 

The simple white cubic form opens up and modularly reassembles into a sophisticated Hi-Fi listening machine, with the two speakers that reveal the stereo module, the radio, and the record player.

Its rigorous monolithic design allows it to adapt discreetly to the domestic space while remaining visually imposing and eliciting the aesthetic veneration suggested by its name.
A marble base on which the sculptural plasticity of the reproduced sound is expressed and which makes each musical reproduction a moment of contemplation, a ritual, an ecstatic listening experience that is different every time.

Bellini’s sculptural intuition, together with the aesthetic status of this object, more art than design, made the Totem a legend: a legend revived today which, while faithful to the original design, endows this timeless object with the best contemporary technology.

Sound to Worship

Bellini’s legendary cube stereo system achieves acoustic precision and excellence thanks to the choices and expert craftsmanship of sound professionals who have taken care of every production aspect.
The construction of the shell, the top-quality electronic components and high-fidelity loudspeakers ensure the unparalleled listening quality and definition of Bellini’s totem.
When closed, the totem looks like a cube: a geometric icon of eternal, timeless perfection. When opened it reveals a modern and cutting-edge technological core.

Sound Design Made in Italy

Each totem is a unique and exclusive piece of craftsmanship that respects a completely artisan controlled production process of the highest precision. A process that combines the control and technology of machines with the heart and passion of our craftsmen.
The buttons, potentiometers and shells of the main body are made with numerically controlled milling machines. Every part of Bellini’s totem is hand-varnished with the utmost care. Every aspect of the product is the work of the most highly-skilled craftsmen, who are supervised by our sound professionals: the sanding, the assembly of the different components and the application of the silk-screen prints are all processes through which traditional Italian craftsmanship makes every totem unique.


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