Cold Picnic Limits of Communication Rug

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Size: 4' X 6'
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The film Walkabout explores the Australian outback, but also wilderness vs modernity, and the limits of communication. Maybe this is our attempt to combine all three in one venn diagram. 

Royal blue with peach, tonal tomatoes, black, chartreuse, and mint



100% TEX New Zealand wool yarn on 100% cotton woven backing (TEX wool yarn is comprised of only the longest and finest fibers of New Zealand wool - think of it as New Zealand wool yarn’s greatest hits)

The High Low rugs are sheared by hand at varying pile heights to achieve a gently sculptural "high-low" effect. Pile height ranges from ½”-¾”

This rug is from The Walkabout rug collection


Handmade in India by skilled artisans

The factory is Goodweave and C&F certified, and the production unit which manufactures the rugs is 100% dependent on solar energy.

Due to its fineness Tex yarn takes color with more vibrancy and sheds much less than other wool hand tufted rugs (though as with any hand tufted rug, shedding may occur and can be controlled with regular vacuuming)


The hand tufted high low rug styles are most suitable for low to medium traffic areas. 

Regular vacuuming is essential to maintaining the condition of your rug, in particular the wool Hand Tufted rugs.

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