Better Finger Ceramic Bowl

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Better Finger Ceramic Ball

  • Made in Korea
  • Size: 178 x 178 x 75ml
  • Betterfinger Ceramic Line uses it freely in any cooking enviroment
  • Works in the oven, microwave,dishwasher.
  • When using in the oven, use it only for warming the food (recommended time: within 5 minutes)
  • Depending on the induction manufacturing model and crater size, some induction devices may not work.
  • Fun and asethetic! 
  • Zero plastic, 100% safe! 
  • Trendy kitchen interior.
  • A ceramic product with a bouncing design was completed with the motif of the figure.
Precausions for ceramic user
  • Oven, microwave and dishwasher safe.
  • Avoid sudden temperature changes.
  • When storing products stacked, put a cloth or paper in the between to store them.
  • Because it is not a product made for a cooking purpose, when using the oven, be sure to use it for warming. (Recommended time: within 5 mins)
  • Be careful not to bump into each other when using.
  • Use a soft spongge and neutral detergent instead of a rough scrubber.
  • If food sticks after usem soak it in hot water and wipe it off.
  • When in use, cutlery may come into contact resulting in marks.
  • Please use it after washing with general detergent and baking soda.

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