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Seletti Toiletpaper Coffee Cup, lipsticksSeletti Toiletpaper Coffee Cup, lipsticks
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, ShitSeletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, Shit
Seletti  Kintsugi Glass, style 3Seletti  Kintsugi Glass, style 3
Seletti Tablemat Pink Lipstick
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, TrumpetsSeletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, Trumpets
Seletti Toiletpaper Coffee Cup, shitSeletti Toiletpaper Coffee Cup, shit
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, Two of SpadesSeletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, Two of Spades
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, SnakesSeletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, Snakes
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, Hands With SnakesSeletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, Hands With Snakes
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass, TongueSeletti Toiletpaper Glass, Tongue
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass, SnakesSeletti Toiletpaper Glass, Snakes
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass, ShitSeletti Toiletpaper Glass, Shit
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass, LipsticksSeletti Toiletpaper Glass, Lipsticks
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass, RosesSeletti Toiletpaper Glass, Roses
Seletti  Kintsugi Glass, style 2Seletti  Kintsugi Glass, style 2
Seletti  Kintsugi Glass, style 1Seletti  Kintsugi Glass, style 1
Seletti Kintsugi Bowl, butterfliesSeletti Kintsugi Bowl, butterflies
Seletti Kintsugi BowlSeletti Kintsugi Bowl
Seletti Kintsugi Bowl
Sale price$65
Seletti Kintsugi Dessert Plate, blue flowersSeletti Kintsugi Dessert Plate, blue flowers
Seletti Kintsugi Dessert Plate, dragonSeletti Kintsugi Dessert Plate, dragon
Seletti Toiletpaper Coffee Cup, rosesSeletti Toiletpaper Coffee Cup, roses
Seletti Thermal Bottle Lipstick
Sale price$62
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Seletti Thermal Bottle ShitSeletti Thermal Bottle Shit
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, WingsSeletti Toiletpaper Glass Water, Wings
Seletti Toiletpaper Glass, Hands With SnakeSeletti Toiletpaper Glass, Hands With Snake
Seletti Kintsugi TraySeletti Kintsugi Tray
Seletti Kintsugi Tray
Sale price$344
Seletti  Kintsugi Mug, birdSeletti  Kintsugi Mug, bird
Seletti  Kintsugi Mug, yellow bell flowerSeletti  Kintsugi Mug, yellow bell flower
Seletti  Kintsugi Mug, blue sakuraSeletti  Kintsugi Mug, blue sakura
Seletti  Kintsugi Coffee Cup w/ Saucer, birdsSeletti  Kintsugi Coffee Cup w/ Saucer, birds
Seletti  Kintsugi Coffee Cup w/ Saucer, flowersSeletti  Kintsugi Coffee Cup w/ Saucer, flowers
Seletti Kintsugi Salad Bowl, mum flower
Seletti Kintsugi Salad Bowl, roses
Seletti Kintsugi Salad Bowl, multi flowers
Seletti Kintsugi Bowl, bambooSeletti Kintsugi Bowl, bamboo

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