How to Refresh Your Space Using Accent Decors
Although there's no rulebook about how often you should refresh your interior design, if you've stopped noticing your furnishings and décor, you should consider bringing in new elements you love. Chances are that your style has evolved since you moved into your home or apartment. Have your furnishings also changed to match your new tastes?

If you have recently moved in with a partner, had a child, or undergone other major life changes, it might be time to ensure that your home reflects your new priorities. So, spend some time shopping for accents that can help you redesign your space.

Here are some tips to rejuvenate the look of your home with fun, unique accents.

Dusen Dusen Pillows

Dusen Dusen pillows provide an easy way to redesign your space. These colorful throw pillows come in unique themes that include faces, wingding characters, geometric patterns, and embroidered motifs. You may find it hard not to smile when you walk past these inviting pillows or use them to relax as you catch up on your favorite streaming shows.

For a more dramatic impact, pair Dusen Dusen pillows with a dark, monochromatic throw. This will make the colors pop on your throw pillows and add depth to your interior design.

MoMa Raawii Strom Vase

Choose a MoMa Raawii Strom Vase to brighten dark corners or act as the centerpiece for your kitchen table. You can fill them with real or artificial flowers for an accent that pleases your senses. These jug-shaped vases lend a nod to primitive times and come in both neutral and bright colors to give you a wider selection. Why not invest in more than one so that you can continuously change your color palette by simply switching out your vases?
Hannah Candle

Hannah Candle

These sculpted and anatomically correct candles bring a classic, evocative feel to your coffee table or entryway display. They come in multiple colors and match any style of decor. Additionally, you can send a him or her candle as a fun or romantic gift to help those you love to spruce up their homes

Tiger Wall Art

Tiger wall art in subtle shades creates an anchor for your wall collage. Mix it with family photos or other animal-themed artwork to bring a natural element into your apartment or house. If you're looking to mix feng shui elements with your décor makeover, tiger wall art can introduce feelings of energy into your space.

Keena mirror

Keena Mirror

A round Keena mirror with a wood frame has both functional and decorative value. Mirrors reflect light and you can use this beautiful accent to brighten up any corner of your home. The simple design and elegant frame make it easy to match this piece with your existing or new furniture.

What home decor ideas appeal to you? Would you like more ideas on how to refresh your decor without busting your budget? 6ixth Sense LA makes it easy to search for and find unique decorating items. Feel free to browse through our products to find pieces that speak to your evolving style preferences.