Holiday Hosting: Your Guide to a Stunning Tablescape

Nothing defines the joys of the holiday season more than gathering around the dinner table with loved ones for a warm, delicious meal. Good food speaks for itself, but an element that makes the get-together extra special? A creative and thoughtfully designed table setting for you and all your guests to enjoy. If tablescaping, or the art of dressing a table, isn’t exactly your forte, here are five surefire ways that’ll add some character to your ultimate dinner display.   

Goodbye to the Typical Silverware Set

Rather than sticking to the boring traditional silverware set, opt for a more contemporary flatware choice such as the Goa Cutlery collection by Portuguese brand Cutipol or the Bistrot Flatware collection by classic French brand Sabre. The bold colors on top of the unique shapes and sizes not only add visual interest, but also makes a statement against a simple setting.

Festive Tabletop Accessories 

If you want to elevate your dinner spread with some holiday cheer, check out these fun limited edition tumblers from this year’s Ichendorf Christmas collection. Each tumbler features a delightful holiday-themed figurine, all dreamt up by designer Alessandra Baldereschi then handmade and flame-worked by the brand’s skilled craftsmen. Place one or a few (who can resist) on the table for a playful touch.  

Utilize Fall Tones

Incorporating the neutral tones of the season is another way to bring subtle touch of fall to your tablescape. The earthy and muted tones of the Kinto CLK-151 Bowl and plate and Nori Bowl are a great way to let the vibrant colors of the food stand out instead. If you want to keep with the muted color palette, add a similar-colored Twig Deco Oval Placemat to the mix for an all-around clean, cohesive setting. 

Candle Centerpieces

Adorn the table with a soft, flickering candle to instantly add an elegance and mood to the table. If you want something more unexpected, try these fun totem candles or these colorful tapered candles from The Floral Society. If you're feeling extra audacious, try this squiggly-shaped number from Humber for carefree and lively touch. 

 Dining Table 

As much as we love what goes on the table top, having the right kind of dining table can also elevate the whole dining experience. If you’re a sucker for hosting relatively small gatherings a round dining table may be the way to go. The Lily Round Marble Dining Table and Marin Dining Table both offer an inviting design and are the perfect canvas for a holiday meal. Comfortably seating up to four people, it’s great for an intimate Friendsgiving or a home-cooked meal with your immediate family.  


Tablescaping is a great way to let your personality shine through during the holidays. Whether you choose to go all out with the festive theme, or decide to keep things more minimal and subdued, finding the perfect decorative touches can be a challenge. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the options, follow these tips and remember to just keep it YOU. If you’re in need of more items for your dream tablescape, visit 6ixth Sense LA’s website here. The possibilities are truly endless.