Caring For Your Flatware

With items like flatware, which can get rusty and stained easily, taking proper care of them is important. After all, well-polished and clean flatware is what makes your dining experience complete.

Flatware also requires some extra attention as compared to your usual cutlery, too, so you have to be careful.


As tempting as it may be to put your flatware into the dishwasher with other types of kitchenware, it is always a better idea to clean them by hand. Its also recommended to clean them out as soon as possible. Leaving food on your flatware can actually damage it.

This is especially true for foods that are harsh on the stainless steel. Coffee, tea, vinegar, salt, etc., can cause problems like erosion and discoloration. It is best to clean these off as soon as possible.


After theyve been used, you should soak your flatware in a container for about ten minutes before washing it. Unlike your regular kitchen items, which can be left for hours at a time, your flatware can corrode if left to soak for too long. Dont leave them for more than the recommended time, and make sure any solutions you use do not contain chlorine.

You should also avoid soaking these with any materials made of copper or aluminum. 


Some flatware is safe for dishwashers, but you should try and wash it by hand for the most part. Sabre flatware, for example, is safe for dishwashers at a maximum of 45 degrees Celsius.

Your regular dinnerware is not as fragile as flatware and much less susceptible to problems like corrosion. If you do happen to wash your flatware in the dishwasher, make sure to load them handle down, and keep any knives separate. This will keep the blade from scratching the other pieces.

You should also use a minimal amount of detergent. Generally, youre good enough with just water, but sometimes, when the flatware has been used for greasy items, using detergent becomes necessary. Also avoid detergents with any citrus in them.

Make sure you dont let your flatware go through the washers dry cycle. When washing by hand, avoid any brushes or scrapers, since these can cause discoloration and abrasion.


It is best to dry your flatware immediately since any remaining moisture can cause rust and corrosion. Hand dry with a soft cloth, and put it away as soon as possible. Your flatware should be stored away from heat or moisture. Ideally, you should have silica gel packs to keep your flatware storage safe for your flatware. Avoid using newspapers since the ink used on them is acidic and can harm the pieces.


Every once in a while, polish your flatware. Regardless of how well you care for your flatware, it will start to deteriorate after some time. Polishing it occasionally helps keep it looking vintage.

Once cleaned, washed and polished, you may also need to take some extra steps to make your cutlery suitable for use. With Cutipol flatware, for example, you should apply a small amount of edible oil and leave it for around 12-24 hours before use. This depends on the brand of flatware you use, however. 

Though it looks wonderful on the dinner table, caring for your flatware is important to maintain its elegant appearance. With a little bit of effort, your flatware sets can go a long way.

Using these tips, you can enjoy your favorite flatware for a long time. You can check out our flatware brands, Cutipol and Sabre, at our website.