Candles You Can Find at 6IXTH SENSE LA

Candles are a great way to brighten up the mood through light and scent. Not to mention, they have been used for thousands of years for celebratory purposes during seasonal and religious holidays such as Christmas, New Years, Easter, Thanks Giving and so forth. With the candle industry continuing to grow (valued at $3.5 billion in 2019), there are more and more variety of candles brands and designs becoming available in the consumer market. Especially as Christmas season is approaching, when almost 35% of yearly candle sales take place, it might be best to start looking at some options with us at 6IXTHSENSELA.

For your convinience, we have gathered our top 5 candle brands that we carry at 6IXTHSENSELA.


1) Fornasetti

Internationally recognized for its timeless designs of furnitures, home decors and accessories, Fornasetti is an Italian design studio that has been active since the 1950’s. Founded in Milan by Piero Fornasetti, Fornasetti is best well known for it’s use of “The girl (Lina Cavalieri) with 1000 faces”on ceramics, graphics and candles.

Housed in glazed ceramic vessel with vibrant mid-century illustrations, the Fornasetti candles come in various aromas that are inspired by the wild floral gardens that surrounded the Fornasetti manor in Milan. Depending on the scent, the ceramic vessel comes various graphics ranging from one of the iconic faces. The best part of the candles is that after all the wax is used, the casing can be used for display as decoration or storage for other objects such as makeup brushes.


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2) Lauren Dickinson Clarke

Much like the decorative aesthetics of Fornasetti, Lauren Dickinson Clarke designs “surreal & stylish objects which elevate everyday encounters into whimsical and artistic experiences”. Based out of Notting Hill, London, LDC (for short) supplies tableware and candles to some of the world’s finest luxury hotels.

At 6IXTHSENSELA, we carry LDCs signature scented candle line called the “Moody Muse Collection”. Embraced by stylish emoji twists, the series captures the enigmatic personas of famous muses throughout art history. Each style carries a unique scent along with a unique hat that emphasizes the character’s individual trait. 


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3) Goober Candle

Designed & created by Talbot & Yoon, design studio based in Brooklyn, the Goober Candle comes in various blob shapes and characters. Casted in unscented paraffin wax from playful forms, the creators describe the gestures of the designs are “laid back” and relates to “being perched on the edge of a tub or a side table.” Available in 4 different color ways, the candles are unscented and has a burn time of approximately 40 hours. 


Find the Goober Candles here.


4) Hannah & Him Candle

Handmade by Bonam Kim, a New York based artist, the Hannah and Him Candle series are designed to exhibit the beauty and grace of humanity through the organic forms of male and female anatomy. Similar to a greek statue, the candle features a female form composed of organic bee and soy wax. Available in multiple color options, the candles are not scented and has an approximate 8 hour burn time. If you are afraid of ruining the perfectly aesthetic form of the candles, do not worry - they work just as well as a decorative object.


Find the Hannah Candles here & Him Candles here.


5) Totem Candle 

Designed by Grain, an American design practice based in Washington, Totem Candles are a series of sculpture-like unscented candles available in 3 different sizes. Incorporating age-old craft techniques such as using unscented paraffin wax casting and lathing bees wax into manufacturing, Totem candles bring back traditional aesthetics in a modern sleek manner. Each color variation consists of different cuts and designs, allowing consumers to mix and match and create a their own desired set of candles.


Find Totem Candles here.