Best Gifts for Coffee Enthusiasts

There are plenty of gifting options for those who take their morning cup of coffee seriously. If you think their coffee accessories or beans need an upgrade, you have come to the right place.

Do you know an avid coffee drinker, enthusiast, or connoisseur in your life? Then you should definitely consider giving them a gift from our specially curated list of the best gift ideas for coffee lovers.

1. Canyon Coffee Beans

Naturally grown in Brazilian farms, these beans give a nutty and rich chocolate flavor that would satiate the palette of any dark roast coffee enthusiast. It carries a strong taste while maintaining a primarily sweet and smooth finish.

It is undoubtedly excellent for anyone who loves dark roast coffee and grinds their own beans.

2. Kinto Sepia Coffee Jug

This simple to use coffee jug helps maintain a good balance of flavor of your coffee. The jug's sleek design and sepia color provide aesthetic appeal to this practical heat-resistant glass.

If you are looking for a functional gift for someone who likes to make their coffee from scratch, this is a great choice.

3. Coffee Cup and Saucer

You can never go wrong with gifting an accessory like a coffee cup and saucer to a coffee enthusiast. 6ixth Sense brings an edgy, modern, and retro design on a traditional coffee cup and saucer that is great for anyone who loves modern art.

Seletti coffee cup and saucer with lips, tongue, and lipstick print on the clear cup, this set makes for a cheeky and playful gift.

4. Coffee Book

The best gift for coffee enthusiasts would undoubtedly be a coffee book that gives them all about coffees, how to brew their cup, grind beans, and more.

The pocket-sized handbook is an enjoyable and valuable read since it also contains tons of coffee recipes that any coffee lover would enjoy. This is truly an inexpensive, practical, and handy gift.

Alternatively, you can also get them the Coffee Sommelier book from 6ixth Sense. It contains coffee-related literature, from the best preparation methods to how you can incorporate coffee in various dishes. 

5. Two-Piece Carafe Set

Designed by a Japanese tableware brand Kinto, this two-piece carafe set at 6ixth Sense is a reliable, functional, and versatile gift for a coffee connoisseur who likes to experiment with different brewing methods.

Made of the best quality materials, the set can withstand high temperatures, is microwave and dishwasher safe, and features a stainless steel filter. It's perfect for everyday coffee brewing and experimentation with different beans and flavors.

6.Cold Brew Carafe

A cold brew carafe should be in every coffee lover's kitchen. The one from 6ixth Sense is made of high-quality glass and stainless steel and features a sleek appearance. It is easy to use since the lid does not need to be opened or closed for pouring.

Moreover, this carafe can hold about one liter of cold brew. It's ideal for anyone who brews their coffee in the morning and has it throughout the day since they can store it in this carafe.

7. Teaspoon

A teaspoon is actually an extremely useful piece that often goes unnoticed. Without it, you cannot make the perfect cup of coffee. Hence, consider gifting your loved one a set of the Sabre teaspoons from 6ixth Sense. These come in a variety of vibrant prints and patterns with acrylic handles. They are sleek, simple, but oh-so-useful.

The options for giving coffee-related gifts are as limitless as the variations to your coffee order. You cannot go wrong with any of the above-mentioned gifts on our list of the best gifts for coffee enthusiasts.

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