5 Signs It's Time to Replace Your Furniture

No matter how expensive your furniture might be, there comes a time when you simply need to replace it. No type of furniture is meant to last you forever. However, since furniture does not carry expiration dates, it can be challenging to determine when you need a new one.

So, when do you know it's really time to say goodbye to the old furniture and say hello to the new one?

This article lists down all the signs you need to look out for that point toward the need for an upgrade. 

1. Creaking Noises 

When you begin noticing creaking sounds in your chairs, bed, bed frames, and sofas, it is evident that the piece of furniture has worn out. This points towards depreciation and wear and tear of the internal parts of the furniture. 

If not replaced in time, you might get the nasty surprise of the furniture breaking under you. In case you are on the lookout for a bed or bed frame replacement, you must take a look at Sixth Sense's collection that is not just trendy and versatile but is high-quality and will last you for years. 

2. Changes in Coffee and Dining Table Sight and Functions

Our coffee tables face a fair share of wear and tear over the years, such as in the form of dents, scratches, and burns. If you notice those and their legs wobbling, it might be time for an upgrade.

Check out the wide variety of chic and stylish coffee tables and dining tables at Sixth Sense. They are not only durable, but you are sure to find one that matches your room's overall aesthetic. 

3. Worn Out Upholstery

Over the course of a few years, your upholstery faces a significant amount of wear and tear. This raises the need for a replacement because repairing and reupholstering can be quite expensive. With a replacement, your upholstery is entirely new. Not to mention, getting a new one from Sixth Sense helps you elevate your home fashion and bring in a refreshing and vibrant change.

4. Damaged or Failed Mechanism of Furniture

Broken or cracked parts in various parts of your furniture pieces are an obvious sign that your furniture requires an upgrade. Such damages can often aggravate through regular use and even become dangerous in some instances. 

Hence, before the situation gets worse, replace your damaged furniture at your earliest.

5. Change of Style and Taste 

Sometimes, you don't need an obvious sign to tell you that it's time for a change. Over time, one's taste, style, and preferences evolve with changing trends. Or your family size grows. In the end, you might feel like there is a mismatch between your taste, home architecture, and your furniture.

In such cases, it is just time for ‘in with the new and out with the old.’ 

Whatever your personal style may be, we are certain that you will find something from 6ixth Sense that matches your taste. We can help you re-light the spark in your home by bringing you trendy, comfortable, and unique furniture pieces. 

We have upholstery, coffee tables, dining tables, dressers, and so much more. So, shop from our collection today!