Before mixing and matching your accents, finding the right accent according to your undertone is what makes a successful overall picture. Neutrals such as beige, ivory, taupe and gray is most commonly used neutrals in picking furniture.

Since unique mix and match is in trend, big pieces of furniture are often preferred to be in tone-downed colors.

Neutrals are utilized to enhance the vividness of pink accent. It creates the warm and cozy overall picture of the bedroom placing several grey items with different contrast.

Neutrals help to collaborate the assortment of interiors of different concept and style. Matching the colors will help the furnitures to elaborate beautifully rather than looking off and awkward.


To match up the eye-catching and unique design of rustic and industrial coffee table, we chose to match up corduroy light grey to finish off the look. The overall undertones makes the rustic designs and colors to stand out more.

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