Canyon Coffee Bean, afternoon decaf 12oz

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Current Origin: 
Nyampinga, Nyaruguru
Nyampinga translates to "Beautiful women, both inside and out."

We Taste:
Molasses, black tea, plum

100% Whole Bean Coffee
Farm: Nyampinga
Process: Fully Washed
Decaffeination: Swiss Water Process

We care about sourcing and roasting top quality, delicious decaffeinated coffee, for all the coffee lovers who want a good cup without the caffeine!

As soon as we started Canyon, we started meeting people who LOVE coffee, but caffeine just doesn't work for them. We want everyone to be able to enjoy delicious coffee as a part of their morning ritual, and we are proud to provide that through Afternoon Decaf, our seasonally-rotating Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee.

Why We Care About Good Decaf Coffee

When we started Canyon Coffee, we learned very quickly that there are a lot of coffee lovers who want their coffee without the caffeine.

While the reasons vary—pregnant mothers, sensitivity to caffeine, total daily caffeine consumption, etc.—every decaf lover shares one thing in common: they still want a delicious cup of coffee!

We know what a difference good coffee makes in starting your day off right. And we believe everyone ought to enjoy a delicious cup, caffeine or not.

And that's why we are very proud to have Afternoon Decaf, a seasonally rotating single origin coffee bean that has been decaffeinated via the Swiss Water Process.

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