Cold Picnic Eclipse Bathmat

SKU: CP9006

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A soft moment of night in the middle of the day, Eclipse offers a delicate earthy palette with hazy atmospheric highlights.


- 100% organic cotton bathmat

- Non-slip backing

- Cut pile design on a loop ground 

- 20" x 30"

- Taupe with cream, lime, pale peach and black


- Handmade in India by skilled artisans

- The yarn for all our pieces is hand dyed in small batches

- Slight variation in colors between production runs is expected


- Machine wash individually on cold/delicate cycle with a gentle detergent and machine dry.

- Machine drying will restore the fluffiness and texture of your bathmat.

- If you see a loose thread, trim it - don't pull it. For any loop areas, tie off the loop after cutting.

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