Canyon Coffee Bean, peru 12oz

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Whole Bean Coffee
Certified Organic | Fair Trade Certified
Elevation: 1700-2400 Meters
Process: Washed
Varieties:  Typica, Caturra, Paches, and Bourbon

We're so excited to bring back one of our favorite coffees from last year, the Rutas del Inca from Peru!
Why do we love coffee from Peru? We've been amazed at the flavors that have been coming out of this South American origin. This coffee in particular, from the Rutas del Inca cooperative, impressed us with its vibrant fruit notes on the nose. It's been our favorite coffee to enjoy on drip, lately. 
Indeed, Rutas del Inca has set itself apart as one of the best producers of high quality coffee in Peru. Since entering the market with their first crop in 2014, this young, focused cooperative has dedicated itself to improving quality each year.

We're excited about the increases in quality and diversity the country's coffee has been going through in recent years. It makes sense that the extreme terrain of the Andes lends itself to uniquely advantageous micro-climates for growing coffee, and many people and organizations have put in work to improve the processing of coffee to do justice to the terroir and the work of the farmers. 


Rutas del Inca is headquartered in the Querocoto District of the Chota Province in Cajamarca, Peru. The area is known for production of potatoes, but since 2010 coffee production has proliferated thanks to support from various NGOs supporting this new crop that has great market potential. Rutas del Inca was founded on October 26, 2013, with just 33 members. The cooperative exported its first crop in 2014, cementing itself as a quality-focused, organic-certified producer. 

Currently the cooperative has 258 members—30 women and 228 men—throughout 27 communities in the Querocoto, Huambos and Querocotillo Districts. These producers live between 1,800 and 2,400 meters above sea level, in temperatures ranging between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The rainy season takes place between January and March, during which terrain in the area can be rugged. However, routes exist that reach the majority of the communities in the three districts.


Rutas del Inca produces high-quality coffee created by favorable environmental conditions such as temperature, day length, a consistent humidity of 70 to 80%, high altitude, and rainfall. These conditions, combined with a wide variety of cultivars and good management practices—including proper composting, selective harvesting, well-timed fermentation, and solar drying—converge to make up an excellent coffee.

Rutas del Inca coffee is 100% washed, with 80% of the cooperative members processing the coffee individually at their farms. The coffee is depulped the same day it is harvested, then fermented for 12 to 20 hours depending on the altitude of the farm. Eighty percent of the coffee is dried in solar tents with raised beds, with the remainder dried on covered patios.

Coffee drying during the post-harvest process is carried out by each individual family, and the parchment is subsequently collected on specific days in strategic locations. The coffee is received at 12% moisture and evaluated based on its physical and other sensory qualities. The details of collection are recorded separately for each member, and payment is calculated according to the quality of the coffee.

The coffee is then milled in Chiclayo at Planta Frontera, a centralized milling plant, and shipped out of the port of Paita.

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