Canyon Coffee Bean, ethiopia 12oz



Producer: SNAP
Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Uraga, Guji
Process: Carbonic Maceration
Certification: Organic
We Taste:
Tropical fruit, raspberry, rosewater and jasmine

We're very excited to introduce our first carbonic maceration processed coffee, produced by the very capable hands of SNAP coffee. The carbonic maceration process involves fermenting the freshly-harvested coffee cherries in an anaerobic environment (without oxygen) for 30-60 hours. This results in an incredible development of the flavors in the coffee!

We were amazed at the strong jasmine aroma emanating from the freshly brewed Danche Chelbesa when we first sampled it. It is perhaps our most vibrantly flavor-forward coffee to date. We hope you enjoy!


Immediately following harvest, these cherries spend 60-90 hours fermenting in an anaerobic environment, in water. Once the whole cherries have fermented sufficiently, the water is released and the cherry is sent for depulping and a light washing. After this, the coffee is dried on raised beds for 10-14 days. Read more about carbonic maceration below!

If you're wondering if Danche Chelbesa is somehow related to Worka Chelbesa, your impulse is correct! Both coffees are from the kebele, or community, of Worka Chelbesa, located high in the mountains of the Gedeb region of Ethiopia. The area has risen to prominence over the last decade. This is in large part why Negussie Debela (founder of SNAP) decided to invest in processing stations here when he entered the Ethiopian coffee scene in 2016.

This coffee is our second in a new series of exceptional quality or interesting variety / processing methods for which we have introduced a brand new blue label to our Canyon family!


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