Braun Digital Alarm Clock BC08 - Black

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With all elements designed to prioritise ease-of-use for the user, the BC08 alarm clock range is a remarkable example of Braun's timeless Bauhaus-tradition design. It’s an alarm clock. Nothing more. Nothing less. Winner of a Red Dot Design Award for 2020. The BC08 is a move on from the classic BNC008 digital travel clock, the improved functions and product features a direct response to customer feedback and experience. The BC08 features a crescendo beep alarm, snooze and backlight function and LCD with 12-hour and 24-hour setting options, all of which improve the functionality of this clock. The lightweight and compact design makes the BC08 the perfect travel clock. A design that reflects Braun principles of consistency, simplicity and clarity of design.


  • Dimensions: W: 2.3" x H: 2.3" x D:0.8"
  • Battery: AAA Battery (battery not included)
Alarm: Crescendo beep alarm
  • Function: Touch snooze function, Backlight function (Reverse LCD display)
  • Winner of a Red Dot Design Award for 2020

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