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Color: beige orange
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Checkered Flubber Rug by Rashelle Campbell

This soft and shaggy rug can be hung on a wall or lounged on the floor. Each rug is hand tufted with 100% acrylic yarn & completed with carpet adhesive glue with a 100% polyester underlay. 

  • Size: 24'' X 24''
  • Design inspired by Vancouver based ceramist angel Ami Like Miami 

How To Nurture Your Rug
Hand tufted rugs will take about a week to flatten out and recover from being rolled in transport. Being a hand tufted product each rug is slightly different and will have varying imperfections.

Nurturing your rug will increase the life of it and allow it to lounge in your home longer. I suggest to not have it in direct natural sunlight, as the colours may fade. Due to the shagginess, I recommend instead of vacuuming to give it a little pat outside to let the dust and snack crumbs be free or use a sticky lint roller.

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