Canal House: Cook Something

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Cook. Cook something. Cook something for yourself. Cook something for others. It will satisfy you more than you know. We promise.

From the James Beard award-winning duo behind Canal House, "the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue of the food world" (Bon Appetit), Cook Something teaches the fundamental building blocks of all good cooking, with 200 simple recipes to rely on for the rest of your life.

Each chapter focuses on a single everyday ingredient or a technique, taking it from the simplest (a boiled egg) to the most ambitious (a towering soufflé). Step-by-step photographs clarify each cooking lesson, all of which are imbued with Canal House's kitchen common sense and warm personal style.

A sophisticated yet accessible cookbook built to stand the test of time, this is an essential book of culinary instruction for beginners and a wondrous set of new ideas for confident cooks.

  • 428 pages
  • 7 1/2 x 9 1/4 inches
  • Published:  September, 2019

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